• We Get You! •

We know exactly what your day entails. We're affiliate marketers too!
It can be a grueling, time consuming, all-encompassing job. It's our goal to
lighten the load and give us all some more time for the FUN STUFF!

What is Chickadeasy?

It's a Chrome browser extension that uses the information on an Amazon product page to create an affiliate post with the click of a key, in a format that you design

It creates posts in half the time, allowing you free time that you never thought you'd have!   

Where can I use it?

We designed it specifically for social media, but the format building is flexible enough that you could use it for almost anything!

Just make sure to check the TOS of your affiliate connections to make sure you only choose information for your templates that follows their rules.

We're working hard to make your job easier

  • I can't express how much I love this app! It has truly transformed the way I post. One of the standout features for me is its ability to seamlessly grab codes, coupon amounts and price drops directly from the product page. Setting up Chickaeasy was a breeze. Even more impressive is the exceptional customer support that comes with it. Chickaeasy has been life-changing for me. It has given me back valuable time that I used to spend cutting and pasting product information into each post. I highly recommend giving Chickaeasy a try – it's a game-changer for any affiliate!
    Kelly Voigt
    So, Here's The Deal!
  • Chickadeasy has become a tool that I can't work without!!! It works GREAT and saves me so much time. You will not know how you ever worked without it. It is very easy to set up as well. TRY IT TODAY!!
    Cynthia Powell
    Money Tree Deals
  • I cannot express enough how much I enjoy using Chickadeasy! It has become an indispensable tool for me, especially when it comes to posting deals quickly. With Chickadeasy, I can effortlessly share deals in no time, saving me valuable minutes or even hours.
    Rachele Sossong
    All Things Savings
  • Chickadeasy formats for you so that you can spend more time creating content and less time grabbing the data from the retailer. What used to tire my little fingers out pointing, clicking, copy, pasting now has my fingers rejoicing because it’s one keyboard short cut and I have all the data from that listing. Work smarter not harder. After using it several months I don’t know what I would do without it. Chickadeasy has cut my work time by half! By saving time I have a better work life balance and more time for everything else and that is priceless.
    Jess Lynch
    Glitch Mama's Deals
  • Chickadeasy is a game changer for my affiliate world. It shortens the time it takes me to create posts and ensures consistency in my posting. I am not sure how I managed before Chickadeasy! If you are an affiliate you WANT and NEED this tool!
    Kay Collins Green
    Family Deals & Coupon Codes