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Frequently Asked Questions

1What does "Chickadeasy" mean?
Chickadeasy is a combination of the word "chickadee," which is a small bird known for its cheerful and energetic nature, and "easy," which represents the simplicity and user-friendly nature of our services and how much easier it will make your job as an affiliate marketer.
2Does it follow Facebook TOS?
There is nothing about Chickadeasy itself that breaks any Facebook TOS. It doesn't have a direct connection to any facebook account. It relies on you pasting information into a post, just like any other post! Just be careful to make sure that the information in and set up of your templates stay within TOS.
3Does it Follow Retailer's Affiliate Program TOS
There is nothing about Chickadeasy itself that breaks any known TOS. It doesn't have a direct connection to your affiliate accounts. It can only see what's on the product page. When you're logged in, that includes your tracking IDs. When you're logged out, Chickadeasy does not retain, and can not access any of your affiliate data. There are no app connections required, and your posts will not show any indication that you're using it. The *only* difference will be how quickly you'll be able to post!
4Will it affect my reach on social media?
Chickadeasy works differently than the kinds of tools that can affect reach. Since everything that Chickadeasy does happens *only* on your computer there is no evidence that you've done anything different when you post. It doesn't do anything that actually manages your accounts in any way.
5Some of my buttons are greyed out.
The professional version of Chickadeasy is the only one that has access to all of those buttons. If you'd like to upgrade, you can do that in your subscription management portal here: https://chickadeasy.lemonsqueezy.com/billing
6How do I manage my subscription?
You can manage your subscription in your subscriber's portal: https://chickadeasy.lemonsqueezy.com/billing
7Can someone help me make my templates?
Sure! That will probably be easier if you come join and ask at http://www.facebook.com/groups/chickadeasyvip
8Is there a support community?
You Bet! Come join us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/chickadeasyvip
9Is there a Discount Code available?
Of course! What kind of affiliate tool would we be if we didn't have a discount code! Use Code TOS20 for 20% off!
10I used a code when I signed up for the free trial, but my renewal email shows the full price
Yeah, we're really irritated about that too. no matter what that email says, you will get the discount when it's actually charged. It's a bug in our invoice management software that we're told they are working on. Feel free to drop us an email at hello@chickadeasy.com and let us know your invoice is incorrect. We can look up which code you used, and we'll monitor it personally to make sure it doesn't charge you the full amount.